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Germany Considers Tax on Nuclear Power to Cover Clean Up Costs

March 11, 2009 By Jeremy van Loon, Bloomberg Germany's Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel wants to impose a tax on nuclear power plant operators to pay for more of the radioactive waste they ... read more

Experts Reflect on Three Mile Island Nuclear Power

March 12, 2009   BY BRADLEY VASOLI, THE BULLETIN Harrisburg - As Pennsylvania approaches the 30th anniversary of Three Mile Island's (TMI) partial-core meltdown, the worst commercial nuclear ... read more

Radiation Dangers Allowed to Proliferate for the Consumer

March 11, 2009, by Roger Herried Editor's note: Radiation issues are more than nuclear power and weapons related. We report on tritium and wireless as well.

Nuclear Power is Still Loaded With Problems

March 4, 2009 Star Tribune, Minneapolis - St. Paul MN, Ken Bradley, Monique Sullivan No solution to global warming is benign, but some solutions are more cost-effective or safer than others. ... read more

Fox News Reports on Indian Point Cancers

March 8, 2009 Chris Peterson and his wife are looking over two decades of medical records. That's how long he's been battling thyroid cancer. Although uncertain how he got the disease he thinks ... read more

It's Time to Nuke The Tar Sands

February 23, 2009 by Matthew McDermott, - Science & Technology Two perennial TreeHugger subjects come together at a nexus of absurdity. We've covered Hyperion Power's (sort ... read more