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The High Cost of Nuclear Power: Why America Should Choose a Clean Energy Future Over New Nuclear Reactors

March 31, 2009 Executive Summary Nuclear power is among the most costly approaches to solving America's energy problems. Per dollar of investment, clean energy solutions - such as energy efficiency ... read more

Japanese Nuclear Fleet Performance

07 April 2009 Japan's nuclear power fleet continues to suffer low capacity factors, primarily because of the prolonged shutdown of seven earthquake-affected reactors.   The country's trade ... read more

Supreme Court Decision Could Delay Yankee Relicensing

April 4, 2009, McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Bob Audette Brattleboro Reformer, Vt. A U.S. Supreme Court decision rendered on April 1 could delay the relicensing of Vermont Yankee ... read more

Europe Won't Buy Into Nuclear Power Until Waste Problem is Solved

Jay Yarow|Mar. 31, 2009, - The renaissance of the nuclear power industry appears to be in a holding pattern. The two big problems: Lack of funding for the expensive ... read more

Health Threat of Perry Nuclear Power Plant Should Be Studied

Posted by Joseph J. Mangano April 05, 2009 Joseph J. Mangano is executive director of the Radiation and Public Health Project, a research and education group based in New York.

Fooling With Disaster? Startling Revelations About Three Mile Island Disaster Raise Doubts Over Nuclear Plant Safety

A special Facing South investigation by Sue Sturgis It was April Fool's Day, 1979 -- 30 years ago this week -- when Randall Thompson first set foot inside the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant ... read more

Comment/Rebuttal on USA Today Editorial for Yucca Mountain

 By Robert Alvarez, and by Sens. Harry Reid & John Ensign    The glaring irony of the USA Today editorial escapes its author, who despairs over the decision to end the Yucca Mountain ... read more