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In August 2007, musicians Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Graham Nash, along with longtime energy activists and colleagues, Harvey Wasserman and Tom Campbell, helped organize NukeFree.org as an on-going grassroots campaign and website working to defeat up to $50 billion in proposed loan guarantees for building new atomic reactors. Had these guarantees gone through, there would be virtually no chance of stopping the construction of dozens of new atomic reactors all over the United States.

Garnering support of scores of other artists/musicians and aligning with scientists and environmental groups, in just one month NukeFree.org was able to gather over 120,000 signatures on a petition presented to Congress. In a stunning victory shared with grassroots non-profit safe energy organizations, the proposed loan guarantees were pulled from the 2007 Energy Bill.

But the fight isn't over. Today the nuclear power industry is desperately trying to build new reactors in the United States, and to prolong the operation of the 104 currently licensed to operate here. And since the nuclear industry can't get private financing, they continue to go after state and federal funding for new plants. It is our commitment to stop that from happening. Going forward, NukeFree.org is committed to preventing the construction of new nuclear reactors and helping to pave the way for an energy economy based on renewables, efficiency and conservation. Toward that goal:

∑ The NukeFree.org website serves as an information hub providing up-to-the minute news on the most important nuclear power industry battles taking place across the country. We work closely with other groups monitoring energy issues and will let you know where key battles are shaping up and how you can help stop further funding for the nuclear power industry. It is also a resource providing background and references to learn more about nukes and alternative energy technologies.

∑ NukeFree.org works with the environmental / scientific communities to keep musicians, artists and others educated about nuclear and safe energy issues, as well as advising people how they can best impact energy legislation - using their voices and resources to support positive new green proposals and fight against boondoggles like the nuke loan guarantees.

Together we can make a difference!

The answer to global warming and so many of our economic problems is with renewables, energy efficiency and conservation. Help us again move beyond the fifty-year failure of atomic energy into a bright, prosperous green-powered future.

No Nukes!

Your contact for NukeFree.org is:

Harvey Wasserman, Senior Advisor and Website Editor: [email protected]

Please note: Nukefree.org does not accept grant requests, nor does it arrange on-demand benefit concerts, but if there are other services NukeFree.org can provide in the fight against atomic power and for a safe energy future, please email us.