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EU Raids EdF Offices in Monopoly Abuse Probe

March 11, 2009 - BRUSSELS (The Associated Press) - European Union regulators said Wednesday they have raided the offices

Vermont Yankee Decomm Fund Declines Again

March 11, 2009 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Bob Audette Brattleboro Reformer, Vt. If you've been keeping an eye on Vermont Yankee's decommissioning

Group Would Study Alternatives to Yucca

March 11, 2009 Las Vegas Review - Journal - Sen. Harry Reid said Monday he is working to form a study group to come up with alternatives to burying nuclear waste at the Yucca

Senate Energizes Nuclear Plant Push

March 11, 2009 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Julie Bisbee The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City  A bill to encourage construction of nuclear power plants in Oklahoma passed the Senate by a 36-9 vote ... read more

Nuclear Waste Has No Place To Go

March 11, 2009 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Michael Hawthorne Chicago Tribune - In a pool of water just a football field away from Lake Michigan, about 1,000 tons of highly radioactive fuel ... read more

House Passes Nuclear Power Bill

March 13, 2009 - OKLAHOMA CITY (The Associated Press) -By TIM TALLEY Associated Press Writer Legislation that would streamline the review process for nuclear power

Economy to Slow US Nuclear Power Growth: NRC Head

Mar 10, 2009 8:16pm EDT - LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - An "excessive exuberance" for expansion in the U.S. nuclear power industry has calmed because of the global credit and economic crisis, the ... read more