Shut the Devil's Nuke!!

Sep 3, 2014

Shut the Devil's Nuke!!


The great David Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists (www.UCSUSA.org) has appeared with California activist Rochelle Becker of the Alliance 4 Nuclear Responsibility (www.A4NR.org) on my Solartopia Green Power & Wellness radio show to discuss the terrifying details of the situation at Diablo Canyon.

Diablo---the Devil's Nuke---is within shaking range of five major earthquake faults.

Here's the link to the show:


Below is an email Dave recently sent, full of important material on the real situation at Diablo:

Hello Harvey:


As far as Diablo Canyon, I've been pointing out that the reactor does not comply with federal fire protection regulations. But that's not a criticism of the current PG&E management -- the plant has never, ever complied with fire safety regulations, not even for a second by mistake.

According to the NRC, fire represents about 50% of the core damage risk at U.S. nuclear power plants. That means the fire risk equals ALL OTHER RISKS COMBINED. And that's if you comply with the fire safety regulations. Nuclear outlaws represent a larger risk.

So what?

The one-two punch of earthquake/tsunami caused Fukushima.

A one-two punch of earthquake/fire could cause Diablo Canyon.

But, it can't be an accident.

Not when the company and its alleged regulator both know that the plant does not met earthquake and fire safety regulations.

That cannot cause an accident.

Criminal negligence perhaps. At least malicious mayhem. But not an accident.

Dave Lochbaum