Fukushima's Children are Dying 福島の子供たちが死んでいく

Jul 15, 2014

Fukushima's Children are Dying 福島の子供たちが死んでいく

Fukushima's Children are Dying

Some 39 months after the multiple explosions at Fukushima, thyroid cancer rates among nearby children have skyrocketed to more than forty times (40x) normal.
More than 48 percent of some 375,000 young people-nearly 200,000 kids-tested by the Fukushima Medical University near the smoldering reactors now suffer from pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts. The rate is accelerating.
More than 120 childhood cancers have been indicated where just three would be expected, says Joseph Mangano, executive director of the Radiation and Public Health Project.
The nuclear industry and its apologists continue to deny this public health tragedy. Some have actually asserted that "not one person" has been affected by Fukushima's massive radiation releases, which for some isotopes exceed Hiroshima by a factor of nearly 30.
But the deadly epidemic at Fukushima is consistent with impacts suffered among children near the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island and the 1986 explosion at Chernobyl, as well as findings at other commercial reactors.
But a wide range of independent studies confirm heightened infant death rates and excessive cancers among the general population. Excessive death, mutation and disease rates among local animals were confirmed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and local journalists.
In the 1980s federal Judge Sylvia Rambo blocked a class action suit by some 2,400 central Pennsylvania downwinders, claiming not enough radiation had escaped to harm anyone. But after 35 years, no one knows how much radiation escaped or where it went. Three Mile Island's owners have quietly paid millions to downwinders victims in exchange for gag orders.
At Chernobyl, a compendium of more than 5,000 studies has yielded an estimated death toll of more than 1,000,000 people.
The radiation effects on youngsters in downwind Belarus and Ukraine have been horrific. According to Mangano, some 80 percent of the "Children of Chernobyl" born downwinders since the accident have been harmed by a wide range of impacts ranging from birth defects and thyroid cancer to long-term heart, respiratory and mental illnesses. The findings mean that just one in five young downwinders can be termed healthy.
Physicians for Social Responsibility and the German chapter of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War have warned of parallel problems near Fukushima.
『Physicians for Social Responsibility』(社会的責任を推進する医者たち)と『International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War』(核戦争防止のために働く国際医師団)のドイツ支部も福島原発周辺における同様の問題の発生に対して警告している。
The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) has recently issued reports downplaying the disaster's human impacts. UNSCEAR is interlocked with the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency, whose mandate is to promote atomic power. The IAEA has a long-term controlling gag order on UN findings about reactor health impacts. For decades UNSCEAR and the World Health Organization have run protective cover for the nuclear industry's widespread health impacts. Fukushima has proven no exception.
『原子放射線の影響に関する国連科学委員会(UNSCEAR)』は、核災害の人的影響を軽視したレポートを最近発行した。 UNSCEARは原子力の利用促進(と管理)を任務とする国連の『国際原子力機関(IAEA)』と連携しているが、 IAEAは、原子力の健康障害に関する国連の調査に長期に渡って箝口令を強いている。何十年もUNSCEARと『世界保健機関 (WHO)』は、原子力産業の広範な健康への影響の隠蔽を図ってきたが、福島も例外ではない。
In response, Physicians for Social Responsibility and the German International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War have issued a ten-point rebuttal, warning the public of the UN's compromised credibility. The disaster is "ongoing" say the groups, and must be monitored for decades. "Things could have turned for the worse" if winds had been blowing toward Tokyo rather than out to sea (and towards America).
それに対して、『Physicians for Social Responsibility 』とドイツの『International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War』は10点に渡って反論を展開し、国連の事実歪曲を暴き、人々に警告を発した。福島の核災害は「現在進行中」であり、今後何十年ものモニタリングが必要である。「(事故当時)風向きが海方面(そしてアメリカ)ではなく、東京方面だったら、さらに状況は悪化していた」。
There is on-going risk from irradiated produce, and among site workers whose doses and health impacts are not being monitored. Current dose estimates among workers as well as downwinders are unreliable, and special notice must be taken of radiation's severe impacts on the human embryo.
UNSCEAR's studies on background radiation are also "misleading," say the groups, and there must be further study of genetic radiation effects as well as "non-cancer diseases." The UN assertion that "no discernible radiation-related health effects are expected among exposed members" is "cynical," say the groups. They add that things were made worse by the official refusal to distribute potassium iodide, which might have protected the public from thyroid impacts from massive releases of radioactive I-131.
Overall, the horrific news from Fukushima can only get worse. Radiation from three lost cores is still being carried into the Pacific. Management of spent fuel rods in pools suspended in the air and scattered around the site remains fraught with danger.
The pro-nuclear Shinzo Abe regime wants to reopen Japan's remaining 48 reactors. It has pushed hard for families who fled the disaster to re-occupy irradiated homes and villages.
But Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and the plague of death and disease now surfacing near Fukushima make it all too clear that the human cost of such decisions continues to escalate-with our children suffering first and worst.
By: Harvey Wasserman
Translated by: Carole Hisasue & Sam Kanno