Draft Seismic & Water Resolutions vs. Diablo Canyon

Here are draft resolutions for cities/towns/counties etc to consider on Diablo.  Please remember this is not necessarily about nuclear power; it's about basic issues of sanity at the two biggest operating power plants on the California coast.

A primary source on the earthquake issue is Dr. Michael Peck's Report to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, available through the Friends of the Earth site:

On the water issue you might consult the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility website: and the Mothers for Peace site..

Here are the DRAFT resolutions.  Variations are welcome and inevitable.  Please let me know at [email protected] / [email protected] when they pass.  

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btw:  as it turns out , Berkeley actually passed an anti-Diablo resolution 3 years ago!!

Thanks!!!   HarveyW



Since the Diablo Canyon reactors were built, roughly a dozen earthquake faults have been found in the near vicinity:

The Diablo Canyon reactors are 45 miles from the San Andreas fault, half the distance as Fukushima from the earthquake that destroyed it;

One recently discovered fault line, the Shoreline, passes within 700 yards of the two Diablo reactors;

New evidence strongly indicates these fault lines are interconnected;

Dr. Michael Peck, former Nuclear Regulatory Commission chief on-site inspector at Diablo Canyon, has written a lengthy memo warning that these reactors cannot withstand a likely earthquake;

Diablo is also in a tsunami zone, and its intake pipes are especially vulnerable to damage or destruction from a massive wave;

The damage from a major disaster involving the health and property of the millions of people downwind is essentially inestimable;

The owners of Diablo Canyon are only marginally liable for the damage that a disaster would do;

There is no credible plan for what to do with the radioactive waste from Diablo Canyon;

There has never been a credible evacuation plan in case of an accident at these two reactors;

The power from these reactors is not needed to continue the state’s business;

There are roughly a thousand jobs at Diablo all of which will be easily replaced by a conversion to renewable energy;
Many of the workers at Diablo would continue working there through the lengthy decommissioning process once the reactors are shut;

There are some 55,000 Californians now working in the solar industry, which would directly benefit from the shutdown at Diablo;


We the citizens of _______ request that the Diablo Canyon reactors be immediately shut at least until a satisfactory federal and state investigation has been conducted to evaluate the ability of Diablo Canyon to withstand an earthquake as warned of by Dr. Michael Peck of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  



The Diablo Canyon reactors are not in compliance with state and federal water quality laws;

Some 80% of illegal discharges from California power plants into the ocean are being released at Diablo Canyon;


The Diablo Canyon reactors must be closed until its owners have installed the necessary equipment to come into compliance with the law, and have demonstrated that they are doing so.

To be passed by cities, towns, counties etc.

To go to Gov. Brown, all members of the California legislature, all mayors and city governments in PG&E territory and near the reactors, the California Water Quality Board, Power Board, etc., selected media, etc.