April 3, 2008 Dear Mr. Chairman: In an article by David Biello in the March 28, 2008 issue of Scientific American, Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, chair of the U.K. Atomic Energy Commission is quoted ... read more

The Fox and the Henhouse: Conflict of Interest at Yucca Mountain

Published on Friday, April 4, 2008 by the Las Vegas Review-Journal The Department of Energy’s bungling on the Yucca Mountain project continues. Or is “bungling” too nice a word? On ... read more

CCAMU Information Package

April 4, 2008 CCAMU The Ontario government has a duty to protect its citizens and has failed in that duty. In the absence of action from the McGuinty government, The Community Coalition Against ... read more

Outline of the Citizens’ Inquiry on Impact of the Uranium Cycle

Locations and Dates: Where: The Citizens Inquiry will be held in four locations in eastern Ontario from 1-5 p.m., 6-9 p.m. daily: Sharbot Lake: April 1st – 35 presentations rec’d, and 150 or ... read more

Nuclear Power Plant Electricity: A Simple Costing Model

Philip D. Lusk 605.224.4334 There has been much discussion about a nuclear revival, and how these types of facilities can have electricity generation costs that, while not too ... read more

Will Al Gore Help Shut the Nuke Power Loophole?

Published on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 by by Harvey Wasserman Today Al Gore is unveiling a massive campaign to fight climate chaos. But the hugely funded atomic power ... read more

Nuclear power and climate change

This information paper addresses the first of those arguments - the limitations of nuclear power as a climate change abatement strategy.

Stop import of radioactive waste; support HR 5632

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW On March 2, we told you about EnergySolutions’ scheme to import some 20,000 tons of radioactive waste from Italy to the U.S. EnergySolutions wants to bring this ... read more

Does nuclear energy produce no CO2 ?

by Dave Kimble at Proponents of nuclear power always say that one of the big benefits of nuclear power is that it produces no Carbon dioxide (CO2). This is completely untrue, ... read more

NRG Energy, Toshiba form venture to build nuclear plants in U.S.: New company to use Japanese techno...

Mar 26, 2008 - McClatchy Tribune Business News Author(s): Elizabeth Souder Mar. 26--NRG Energy Inc. created a company Tuesday to develop nuclear power plants beyond Texas.