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There’s Something Happening Here
The video that has helped defeat nuke power loan guarantees since 2007

Don’t Dig Here
Performed by: David Crosby, Graham Nash, James Raymond, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks and Jeff Pevar


Click here for the MUSE2 Concert Program (PDF)


Breaking Nuke News

Japanese Utilities Fight Solar in Effort to Re-Open Nukes

Joseph Trento: US Conspired to Illegally Give Japan Plutonium

Exelon Wants Huge Ratepayer Handouts to Run Illinois Nukes

Tokyo Doctor Warns of Terrible Fukushima Health Consequences

Japan Citizens Rally to Say "Don't Forget Fukushima!"

Fukushima Radiation Still Harmful to Insects

NYTimes: Caution in Rebooting Japan's Nukes®ion=CColumn&module=Recommendation&src=rechp&WT.nav=RecEng ... read more
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Green Power Revolution

California Plastic Bag Ban is Now Law

Report Downplays Solar's "Death Spiral" Utility Impact

Dierdre Fulton: Evidence Mounts of Serious Fracking Damage

NYTimes: Environmental Contaminants on a Stunning Rise

Bloomberg: Bad Climate News from UN

How Renewables are Taking Over the Grid
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