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There’s Something Happening Here
The video that has helped defeat nuke power loan guarantees since 2007

Don’t Dig Here
Performed by: David Crosby, Graham Nash, James Raymond, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks and Jeff Pevar


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Breaking Nuke News

Storm Shuts Pilgrim, Exposes Reactor Vulnerabilities

Michal Mariotte/GreenWorld: FirstEnergy Wants Another Nuke Bailout

Angry Ohioans Demand End to Nuke Handouts at Davis-Besse

Bob Alvarez/BOAS: Rebranding Won't Solve Nuke Weapons Mess

Reuters: Nuke Decommissioning Bill Could Top $400 Billion

Peter Franklin/ConservativeHome: Right Wingers vs. Nuke Power

Gary Nelson/CBS: Turkey Point is Sucking Us Dry
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Green Power Revolution

Fortune: 2x More Americans Work in Solar than in Coal Mines

NYTimes: Danish Island Inspires Green Transition®ion=top-news& ... read more

Robert Redford/EcoWatch: Why Keystone XL is Wrong for America

Charles Pierce: The Keystone Fix is In

Jacques Leslie: Keystone XL's Doomed Economics

Loretta Lynch: Return the CPUC to Public Service

RAKRAMERBLOG: The True Success of Germany's Green Transition
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