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There’s Something Happening Here
The video that has helped defeat nuke power loan guarantees since 2007

Don’t Dig Here
Performed by: David Crosby, Graham Nash, James Raymond, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks and Jeff Pevar


Click here for the MUSE2 Concert Program (PDF)


Breaking Nuke News

Tim Judson/NIRS: Exelon's Huge Proposed Nuke Rip-Off

A Mother's No Nukes Stand Inspires "Journey Without End"

A4NR Filing Traps SCE/CPUC in Yet Another Big Lie

Mariotte/NIRS: Exelon Unveils its Nuke Bailout Scam

Cracking Throughout Aging Reactors Spreads Worldwide

Cheap Gas Could Doom Fermi 3
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Green Power Revolution

Major New Study Show Continuing Drop in Solar Energy

Lucas Mearian: Koch-Paid Lobbies Fight Solar State-by-State

Global Wind Capacity Exceeds 369,000 Megawatts

Ken Johnson: It's Time to Do Battle With the Koch Brothers

How Wind Power Transformed an Ohio Town

Coleman/Kangas: California's CPUC Solar Mandate

Rep. Alan Grayson: The GOP's $130B Ntl. Park Giveaway
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