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There’s Something Happening Here
The video that has helped defeat nuke power loan guarantees since 2007

Don’t Dig Here
Performed by: David Crosby, Graham Nash, James Raymond, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks and Jeff Pevar


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Breaking Nuke News

Pope Francis Calls Nuke Power a "Tower of Babel"

Fukushima Thyroid Rates Soaring

"Nuke Power a Costly Failure" Says Ohio Newspaper

South Korea to Shut its Oldest Nuke

Louise Rubacky/TruthDig Review: Lochbaum et. al. on Fukushima

Tea Party Activist Says Exleon Nuke Bailout is a Rip-Off

Paul Frey/EON: What Happens if Diablo Blows....
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Green Power Revolution

Rhone Resch/EcoWatch: Solar Beating All Other New Capacity

Loretta Lynch Writes SFChron on CPUC Ratepayer Rip-Offs

  Time for California to claim energy crisis refunds-Instead of trying to return all energy crisis excess profits to ratepayers or to California, backroom deals were ... read more

Jane Fonda/Time: Shell Must Not Drill the Arctic

Engineers Develop 50-State Strategy to Go 100% Solar

European Solar Now Generates More Power than its Nukes

California Now Continually Setting New Solar Generation Peaks
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