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There’s Something Happening Here
The video that has helped defeat nuke power loan guarantees since 2007

Don’t Dig Here
Performed by: David Crosby, Graham Nash, James Raymond, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks and Jeff Pevar


Click here for the MUSE2 Concert Program (PDF)


Breaking Nuke News

Diane Cardwell/NYTimes: Nuke Power's Murky Future

Robert McCullough: Shutting WOOPS2 Will Save $261B Plus

Karl Grossman with Libbe Haleve: Nuke Power Dangers

Fox: "Incredibly High" Fukushima Radiation Pouring into Pacific

William Boardman: Fukushima Rad Levels Lethal as Ever

Fukushima Kills a Robot in Just Two Hours

Nuke Industry Dumping "No Emission" Lie to Suit Trump
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Green Power Revolution

UCS/ECOWATCH: Solar Is Burying Nukes

Oregon Live: Shutting WOOPS/Going Green Will Save Millions

Ireland Going Completely Fossil-Free

Colorado AG Sues to Stop Boulder from Opposing Fracking

LATimes: CA Has an Expensive Power Glut

First US Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lane Opens in Texas

NYTimes: US Wind Power Now Exceeds Hydro
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