PGE Responds to OPUC Order on Trojan Costs

September 30, 2008 Business Wire PORTLAND, Ore., - The Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) today ordered Portland General Electric (PGE) (NYSE:POR) to refund $33.1 million to customers.

Mass AG appeals NRC decision on Nuclear Plant

September 30, 2008 The Associated Press BOSTON - State attorney general Martha Coakley is appealing a decision by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that affects the re-licensing of Pilgrim ... read more

Reactors Prone to Long Closings, Study Finds

New York Times By Matthew L. Wald September 18, 2006 WASHINGTON - An analysis of nuclear reactors by a safety group has found that they are prone to costly, lengthy shutdowns for safety ... read more

New Friends of the Earth Ad Ties Nuclear Loan Guarantees to Bush Bailout

Press Release - Friends of the Earth Contact:  Nick Berning, 202-222-0748 Loan guarantees sought by nuclear industry for reactor construction amount to ‘preemptive bailout,' with expected ... read more

Jackson Browne Nails Nuke Power on Colbert

By Harvey Wasserman Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne nailed the nuclear power industry on the Colbert Show Tuesday, September 23.  Browne is in New York touring for his new album "Time the ... read more

Nuke Power Liabilities Dwarf Bush’s Bailout

  By Harvey Wasserman  As you read this, nuclear power liabilities embraced by the federal government could be making small radioactive potatoes of the mere hundreds of billions George W. Bush ... read more

Brazil plans to build dozens of nuclear plants

September 12, 2008 - The Associated Press - Brazil  Brazil plans to build 50 to 60 nuclear power plants in the next half-century, the nation's top energy official said Friday, as a olitical crisis ... read more

The Senate's 'Drill Drill Drill' Bill Hides Nuke Power Mega-Theft

September 18, 2008 - By Harvey Wasserman The McCain/Palin push for endless oil drilling is being used as a smokescreen to gouge a half-trillion or more taxpayer dollars in ... read more

Building nukes may push TVA debt limit

September 17, 2008 - Associated Press CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. The Tennessee Valley Authority's $30 billion debt limit could be strained if the federal utility decides to build more nuclear plants.  TVA's ... read more

No More Bombs But Work Aplenty

September 11, 2008 - New York Times By WILLIAM YARDLEY  RICHLAND, Wash. - When the bombs were dropped and World War II came to a sudden atomic conclusion far across the Pacific, at last it could be ... read more