Please sign our letter to President Obama!

We need to send a message loud and clear - and quickly. No funding for new nuclear reactors in Congressional climate legislation!
The Senate will be working on climate legislation that could hand over at least $100 billion - or even more - in federal loan guarantees for new nuclear reactors. The Obama White House has expressed an urgent commitment to addressing climate change with a strong emphasis on renewable energy, energy efficiency and green jobs. That's the message we need to take to the Copenhagen climate summit in December.
But President Obama needs to know that his green energy agenda will derail if nuclear power once more grabs the lion's share of federal support. We cannot allow the nuclear industry to sink potentially tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars into more, and, literally toxic assets underwritten by U.S. taxpayers. Such projects are likely to default from certain cost-overruns and delays while climate change accelerates.
This needless nuclear transfusion will deprive funding from the very climate change solutions for which President Obama advocates.
We don't expect President Obama to become the latest recruit to the anti-nuclear cause. But we do think that, in a democracy, he should hear why we want nuclear power to be relegated to the radioactive dustbin of history. Nuclear power is too costly for our health, our safety and our pocket books, and no amount of atomic propaganda will ever bring enough new reactors on line to address climate change in time.
Please help us raise our collective voices to stop the Senate squandering our dollars on radioactive relics. Don't forget to write and call your Senator. Let's give our president a truly green climate change bill to sign this fall. Please Sign our letter to President Obama today. You can find it on our Web site under Take Action and in this week's copy of The Nation (cover date, September 28). Just use the return envelope right next to our Nation ad featuring the actor and activist, Ed Asner. Please sign today. And thank you!
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