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Most often tagged nuclear power:
1. Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy by Gwyneth Cravens (5)
2. Three Mile Island : a nuclear crisis in historical... by J. Samuel Walker (4)
3. The Health Hazards of Not Going Nuclear by Petr Beckmann (4)
4. The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town by John Grisham (4)
5. Gone by Michael Grant (4)
6. Nuclear Power for Beginners by Stephen Croall (4)
7. Devices and Desires by P. D. James (3)
8. The Radioactive Boy Scout: The Frightening True Story of a... by Ken Silverstein (2)
9. The Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice:... by Mima Cataldo (2)
10. Forces, Energy and Motion by Alastair Smith (2)
11. The Politically Incorrect Guide(tm) to Science (Politically... by Tom Bethell(2)
12. Die Wolke by Gudrun Pausewang (2)
13. Accident: A Day's News by Christa Wolf (2)
14. The Curve of Binding Energy by John McPhee (2)
15. Nuclear Power by Walter C. Patterson (2)
16. Nuclear Power: Both Sides by Michio Kaku (2)
17. We almost lost Detroit by John Grant Fuller (2)
18. Nuclear Power (Fueling the Future) (2)
19. Before It's Too Late by B.L. Cohen (2)
20. Normal accidents : living with high-risk technologies by Charles Perrow (2)
21. An Atomic Romance: A Novel by Bobbie Ann Mason (2)
22. The Prometheus Crisis by Thomas N. Scortia (2)
23. Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer by Helen Caldicott (2)
24. Wormwood forest : a natural history of Chernobyl by Mary Mycio (2)
25. Commonsense in Nuclear Energy by Fred Hoyle (2)
26. Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered by E. F. (Ernst Friedrich) Schumacher (1)
27. Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb by Richard Rhodes (1)
28. Now It Can Be Told: The Story of the Manhattan Project by Leslie R. Groves(1)
29. Mother Country by Marilynne Robinson (1)
30. Get a Life by Nadine Gordimer (1)
31. Our Nuclear Future: Facts, Dangers and Opportunities by Edward Teller (1)
32. Damokles svärd: strålningens, radioaktivitetens och... by Bo Lindell (1)
33. Uncertainty underground : Yucca Mountain and the nation's... bymacfarlaneallison (1)
34. Secret Weapons And World War II: Japan In The Shadow Of Big... byWalter E. Grunden (1)
35. Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith (1)
36. The Warning: Accident at Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Omen... by Mike Gray (1)
37. The Silent bomb : a guide to the nuclear energy controversy by Peter Faulkner (1)
38. Red Mercury Blues by Reggie Nadelson (1)
39. The Accident at Three Mile Island (Fact Sheet) (1)
40. Sun in a Bottle: The Strange History of Fusion and the... by Charles Seife (1)
41. Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes... by Neil Gaiman (1)
42. Meltdown by Daniel F. Ford (1)
43. Atoms for War by Howard Calrk (1)
44. National Geographic Magazine (May 2000, Vol. 197, No. 5) by (Editor in Chief) Johns, Chris (1)
45. Journey to Chernobyl: Encounters in a Radioactive Zone by Glenn Alan Cheney (1)
46. Nuclear power project management (His Nuclear power ; v. 2) by Erik Storm Pedersen (1)
47. Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear... by Karl Grossman (1)
48. Kernenergie toepassing en toekomst by Matthew J Gaines (1)
49. Hiroshima by John Hersey (1)
50. A Guidebook to Nuclear Reactors by Anthony V. Nero (1)
51. Nuclear energy : troubled past, uncertain future by Laurence P. Pringle (1)
52. NUCLEAR MADNESS (Bantam Book) by Helen Caldicott (1)
53. Tokyo Fusion Plan Alarms Scientists (Article) by Hamish McDonald (1)
54. Stalin and the Bomb by David Holloway (1)
55. Uncovering Soviet Disasters: Exploring the Limits of... by James E. Oberg(1)
56. Hostages of each other : the transformation of nuclear... by Joseph V. Rees(1)
57. K-19 : the widowmaker : the secret story of the Soviet... by Peter Capt Ret Huchthausen (1)
58. Meltdown: A Race Against Nuclear Disaster at Three Mile... by Wilborn Hampton (1)
59. Sacrifice: The True Story of Courage over Chernobyl by Cap Parlier (1)
60. The Effects of Nuclear War by Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) (1)
61. Friedlich in die Katastrophe : eine Dokumentation über... by Holger Strohm(1)
62. Poisoned Power: The Case Against Nuclear Power Before and... by John W. Gofman (1)
63. Nuclear Weapons Databook: Volume I - U.S. Nuclear Forces... by Thomas B. Cochran (1)
64. Die Wolke by Gudrun Pausewang (1)
65. The Leaky Establishment by David Langford (1)
66. 20 years after the Chernobyl accident : past, present and... by E. B. Burlakova (1)
67. Digital instrumentation and control systems in nuclear... (1)
68. MCTS exam 70-431 self-paced training kit : SQL Server 2005... by Solid Quality Learning (1)
69. Manley Urges More Nuclear Power (Article) by spearsjohn (1)
70. The Way Things Work by David Macaulay (1)
71. Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape by Brian Hayes (1)
72. The Science in Science Fiction by Peter Nicholls (1)
73. Idaho Falls: The Untold Story of America's First Nuclear... by William McKeown (1)
74. The Radiance of France by Gabrielle Hecht (1)
75. Black Fox: Aunt Carrie's War Against the Black Fox Nuclear... by Carrie Barefoot Dickerson (1)
76. The Chernobyl Catastrophe (Great Disasters) by Graham Rickard (1)
77. Litium6 by Risto Isomäki (1)
78. De atoomstaat by Robert Jungk (1)
79. Mysterium by Robert Charles Wilson (1)
80. Red Justice (Justice League (TM)) by Michael Teitelbaum (1)
81. Nuclear waste : exploring the ethical dilemmas by Lois Wilson (1)
82. Nuclear Industry Dares to Dream of a New Dawn (Article) (1)
83. Megawatts and Megatons: The Future of Nuclear Power and by Richard L. Garwin (1)
84. The Final Epidemic: Physicians and Scientists on Nuclear... by R. Adams(1)
85. The Walt Disney Story of Our Friend the Atom by Heinz Haber (1)
86. The Effects of Nuclear Weapons by Samuel Glasstone (1)
87. Nuclear Power and Social Power by Rick Eckstein (1)
88. Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Analysis and Management by Robert G. Cochran (1)
89. Atoomenergie? Nee bedankt. by Peter Bekker (1)
90. The war against the atom by Samuel McCracken (1)
91. The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power (The Energy Debate) by Ewan McLeish (1)
92. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah (1)
93. Investigation of control rod worth and nuclear end of life... by Per Magnusson (1)
94. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by John Clute (1)
95. Aunt Carrie's War Against Black Fox Nuclear Power Plant by Carrie Barefoot Dickerson (1)
96. Three Mile Island: The End or a Beginning by Gloria Davis (1)
97. Nuclear Energy: An Introduction to the Concepts, Systems,... by Raymond Murray (1)
98. The Nuclear Axis by Phillip Henshall (1)
99. Tritium on Ice: The Dangerous New Alliance of Nuclear... by Kenneth D. Bergeron (1)
100. Freedom: Questions and Answers about Socialism by Ken Morgan (1)
101. The Environmental Case for Nuclear Power: Economic,... by Robert C. Morris (1)
102. Kernenergie: voor of tegen? by loonajvan (1)
103. The Truth About Chernobyl by Grigori Medvedev (1)
104. Accidents will happen : the case against nuclear power by Lee Stephenson(1)
105. The Nugget File by Robert D. Pollard (1)
106. Nuclear Power and the Environment (Nuclear Issues Paper) (1)
107. Nuclear design of a thorium fuelled boiling water reactor by Klara Insulander Björk (1)
108. The Knowledge Web : From Electronic Agents to Stonehenge... by James Burke (1)
109. The Los Alamos primer : the first lectures on how to build... by Robert Serber (1)
110. The winning weapon : the atomic bomb in the cold war,... by Gregg Herken(1)
111. The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy (1)
112. Three Mile Island: Thirty minutes to meltdown by Daniel F. Ford (1)
113. Unacceptable risk : the nuclear power controversy by McKinley C. Olson (1)
114. National Geographic Magazine Vol. 209, No. 4 April 2006 by National Geographic Magazine (1)
115. The Leaky Establishment (1)
116. Science Year, 2003: The World Book Annual Science... by World Book Inc.(1)
117. Kernenergie in de lage landen by J.A. Goedkoop (1)
118. Zones of exclusion: Pripyat and Chernobyl by Robert Polidori (1)
119. The Atomic Bazaar: The Rise of the Nuclear Poor by William Langewiesche(1)
120. Atomic science, bombs, and power by David Dietz (1)
121. Protest Without Illusions by Vernon Richards (1)
122. Evaluation of the Westinghouse 10B depletion for BWR... by Christina Vallgren (1)
123. The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes (1)
124. Brighter than a Thousand Suns: A Personal History of the... by Robert Jungk (1)
125. Nuclear America: Military and Civilian Nuclear Power in the... by Gerard H. Clarfield (1)
126. Billions & Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the... by Carl Sagan (1)
127. The Second Perimeter by Mike Lawson (1)
128. The World Without Us by Alan Weisman (1)
129. SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030 by Harvey Wasserman F (1)
130. Nuclear Power Plants as Weapons for the Enemy: An... by Bennett Ramberg (1)
131. Nuclear Implosions: The Rise and Fall of the Washington... by Daniel Pope(1)
132. Hiroshima by Kurahara Koreyoshi (1)
133. Hiroshima in America : fifty years of denial by Robert Jay Lifton (1)
134. Atomic Energy in the Coming Era by David Dietz (1)
135. The mystery of matter by American Foundation for Political Education (1)
136. Ontario Stifles Bruce Plans (Article) by regulyeric (1)
137. Bön för Tjernobyl : en framtidskrönika by Svetlana Aleksijevitj (1)