Call to Californians Against New Nukes

April 13, 2009

AB 1035 is a bill that would exempt "one new 2000 MW" nuclear reactor from California oversight if an entity obtains an early site permit from the NRC; it will be heard by the Assembly Natural Resource Committee on April 20, 2009:

Letters of opposition should be faxed to Chairwoman Skinner (916) 319-2192 by end of day on April 13, 2009 to be included in Committee packet or can be emailed to and the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility will fax in for you.

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility is opposed to AB 1035, Assemblyman Devore's bill which would attempt to lift California's ban on the siting of new nuclear plants within the state. AB 1035 would bypass Public Resource Code 25524 by making an exemption for "the first California entity to obtain an early site permit from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission." For California to exempt 2000 MW nuclear reactors from approval of the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission abrogates the state's responsibility to review section 25500 of the Warren-Alquist Act:

The history of cost overruns at California's operating reactors--from estimates of under $400 million to final price tags of over $5 billion-clearly demonstrates the need for state review before a nuclear site can be approved.

California's law is clear: new owners must verify that they have a long-term plan for offsite storage of spent nuclear fuel. This is exactly the restriction that Mr. Devore's bill would lift for just the first 2000 MW nuclear reactors.

California law must not be amended to allow an entity to apply for approval of even one nuclear reactor until the intent of California's nuclear safeguard laws have been met. There is no offsite solution to the safe storage of radioactive waste, full costs of new reactors are not known and are not considered in the NRC licensing process, the water impacts to cool new reactors are not known-AB 1035 is at best premature.

Rochelle Becker, Executive Director
Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
PO 1328
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
858 337 2703