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Power usage down all over

May 22 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Tom Fowler Houston Chronicle An overbuilding of power plants combined with a large drop in electricity demand might make it a particularly bad time for ... read more

US bike sales higher than car sales in 2009

During the first quarter of 2009, more bicycles were sold in the US than cars and trucks. While the Great Recession is hurting bike sales, they didn't fall as fast as automobiles. Around 2.6 million ... read more

With Billions at Stake, Trying to Expand the Meaning of ‘Renewable Energy'

New York Times May 25, 2009 By FELICITY BARRINGER The definition of renewable energy seems clear cut: The sun continues to shine, so solar energy is renewable. The wind continues to blow, so wind ... read more

2nd APS solar plant may surpass energy target

by Ryan Randazzo - May. 22, 2009 12:00 AM The Arizona Republic Arizona Public Service Co. is teaming with a defense company and private-equity firm to build another solar-power plant west of ... read more

Who Uses the Most Energy in the US? The Military

In 2007, US Department of Defense (DOD) spent $13 billion USD on fuel and this number jumped to $20 billion USD in 2008. With the military planning on moving forces from Iraq to Afghanistan this ... read more

China in 2020, Powered by 35% Clean Energy

China's notorious coal-powered plants will be given some relief, come 2020--an announcement's been made that the #1 greenhouse gas emitting country in the world plans to have 35% of its power come ... read more

Surprise, Surprise: Shutting Down Wind Turbines at Night Reduces Bat Deaths

As more wind farms go up and more research done, it's emerging that bats are more at risk from wind turbines than birds. However, as the New York Times points out, a new study done by the Bat and ... read more