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SD's energy boom: Is it too much too soon?

> MITCHELL, S.D. (The Associated Press) - Jul 4 - By AUSTIN KAUS > > As South Dakota continues an energy boom that began a decade ago, > Don Carr watches from afar and says this ... read more

California's Attorney General Says Feed-in Tariffs Legal in USA

June 29, 2009 In a significant filing June 25, 2009 California's Attorney General (AG) argued that feed-in tariffs as proposed in California are not only permitted under federal law but that they ... read more

Ecological Trauma and Recovery

Ecological Trauma and Recovery Rex Weyler As a global community, we often appear as a dysfunctional family. We bicker constantly, the strong abuse the weak, and alleged leaders behave like ... read more

Green Power Takes Root in the Chinese Desert

July 3, 2009 By KEITH BRADSHER DUNHUANG, China - As the United States takes its first steps toward mandating that power companies generate more electricity from renewable sources, China already has ... read more

The Failed State of US Climate Change Policy

Friday, June 26, 2009 by The Guardian/UK The Waxman-Markey climate bill is the best we will get from America until the corruption of public life is addressed by George Monbiot It would be laughable ... read more

Biofuels could clean up Chernobyl 'badlands'

[...or could they just create more radioactive waste?] • 27 June 2009 by Fred Pearce •

Auto-ban: German town goes car-free

Vauban hopes to forge a model community without that great staple of modern life - the car. Now the sound of birdsong has replaced the roar of traffic and children can play in the street By Tony ... read more