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Holy Solar Batman! It's Finally Happening

When I first got involved in solar energy 20 years ago, we used to dream of huge utility-scale solar arrays that would someday make power on the megawatt scale. There were a very small number of them ... read more

China Racing Ahead of U.S. in the Drive to Go Solar

Green Inc. WUXI, China - President Obamawants to make the United States "the world's leading exporter of renewable energy," but in his seven months in office, it is China that has stepped ... read more

Appliances Get Their Own Recycled Clunkers Programs

Aug 26 - USA TODAY > > Cash for clunkers ended this week -- for cars. > > But old energy-hogging refrigerators and freezers qualify for > recycling and cash from more than ... read more

Why Energy Efficiency Isn't Reducing Consumption but How Carbon Rationing Could

> by Don Fitz > > Energy efficiency is not reducing the consumption of energy. This is > true despite claims that it is the best way to cut down on use of > coal, oil, gas, and ... read more

Nuclear Power Plant Goes Solar With Off-Grid LED Outdoor Lighting

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Aug 25, 2009 -- BUSINESS WIRE > > One of California's largest state utilities, Southern California > Edison (SCE), is lighting up the night with solar ... read more

New battery could change world, one house at a time

 ASHLEY FRANSCELL/Daily Herald Ceramatec President Ashok V. Joshi and his team John Gordon (from left to right), John Watkins, Grover Coors and Anthony Nickens at Ceramatec in Salt Lake City. The ... read more