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Activists push for cleaner Northwest energy

PORTLAND, Ore. (The Associated Press) - Oct 17 The final public hearing on the latest Northwest regional power plan drew a much larger crowd than in the past, as activists continued their push for ... read more

Stewart Brand's nuclear enthusiasm falls short on facts and logic

 14 Oct 2009  by Amory Lovins Supporting technical details and citations for this post can be found in "Four Nuclear Myths"

Nuclear dust rains on France's atomic parade

By Peggy Hollinger Financial Times - UK October 17 2009 It should have been a day of celebration, a moment to showcase France's expertise in nuclear power built over decades of research and ... read more

Yes We Can Stop Global Warming (Without Giving Away the Store)

Margie Alt Executive Director of Environment America Posted: October 15, 2009 I have enormous respect for Senator Kerry, his perspective and his incredibly hard work to craft a bill in the U.S. ... read more

Houses of the Future

by Wayne Curtis The Atlantic November 2009 Four years after the levee failures, New Orleans is seeing an unexpected boom in ... read more