GOP says Clean Energy act is 'war on Midwest'

May 27 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Rick Stouffer The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Legislation aimed at moving America away from fossil fuels is
being misrepresented, Republican opponents said Tuesday.

Supporters say the bill, passed by a House committee last week,
> will stem pollution and create thousands of well-paying jobs. Named
> the American Clean Energy and Security Act, it is better known as
> Waxman-Markey after its primary sponsors, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif.,
> and Rep. Ed Markey, D- Mass.
> "Waxman-Markey is about revenue -- make no mistake," said Chris
> Horner, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in
> Washington.
> "It means an increase in the price of energy. That's the point, it's
> not a side effect. It has nothing to do with climate change."
> Horner was one of five witnesses to testify yesterday at the
> Pittsburgh Energy Summit, one of four events being held nationwide by
> Republican members of Congress using the name American Energy
> Solutions Group.
> The group is comprised of 26 House members charged by House
> Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio with devising an alternative to
> Waxman- Markey.
> The group is intent on doing everything possible to stop Waxman-
> Markey from becoming law, said Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana. Also
> attending yesterday's event at the Holiday Inn in Ross were Reps. Tim
> Murphy of Upper St. Clair and Glenn Thompson of Centre County.
> "Advocates of the legislation call it a jobs bill, but we believe
> the opposite is true," Pence said. "It's an economic declaration of
> war on the Midwest (including Pennsylvania) by the liberals in
> Washington."
> Under a cap-and-trade system the legislation proposes, the
> government sets a limit, or cap, on greenhouse gas emissions,
> primarily carbon dioxide, that industries such as utilities and steel
> mills can emit.
> Polluters would
> be forced to amass emissions credits equal to their emissions through
> buying and selling credits as needed.
> J. Clifford Forrest, owner of Kittanning-based Rosebud Mining
> Co., said that enacting Waxman-Markey would be "like putting sand in
> the crankcase" of the economy.
> Forrest told the legislators that Waxman-Markey would impact
> employment for his 800 workers at 12 underground mines and four coal
> preparation plants in seven Western Pennsylvania counties.
> "Estimates that the legislation will increase energy costs by
> $3,200 a year per family doesn't sound like much -- unless you don't
> have a job,"
> Forrest said.
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