43 more nations planning to have nuclear power plants, association says

May 26 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Kyodo News International, Tokyo
> Forty-three more nations, including some emerging countries, have
> plans to launch nuclear power programs in addition to the 31
> economies that
> currently have atomic power plants, according to a recent report by
> the
> London-based World Nuclear Association.
> Nuclear power is drawing renewed attention because it hardly
> causes
> any greenhouse gases, while also reducing dependence on crude oil and
> natural gas, but such proliferation of nuclear power generation
> could pose
> challenges in establishing monitoring mechanisms, management of spent
> nuclear fuel, and nuclear non-proliferation, the group said.
> The association, comprising nuclear power-related businesses and
> research institutes, said plans for nuclear power generation are
> envisaged
> by countries in such regions as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and
> Africa.
> Indonesia, for instance, is planning to start construction of a
> plant
> in 2010 and Thailand will follow suit in 2014. The United Arab
> Emirates is
> aiming to start operating a plant by 2020.
> The association also said that emerging countries are not
> expected to
> contribute much to the expansion of nuclear capacity in the
> foreseeable
> future as advanced know-how is required for technology development
> and safe
> operations.
> It said nurturing experts and accumulating technical expertise
> is an
> urgent task for emerging countries planning to introduce nuclear power
> generation.
> Nuclear power has been accounting for around 16 percent of global
> power generation since the 1980s. The association projects nuclear
> power
> generation will grow to between 1.14 billion and 3.54 billion
> kilowatts by
> 2060 from 367 million kilowatts in 2008.