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Mar 4, 2011

Help the (Revamped) NukeFree Defeat New Nuke Loan Guarantees

The Revamped NukeFree.org Welcomes You to (Again) Defeat Nuke Power Loan Guarantees

Once again loan guarantees---this time $36 billion---for new nuclear power plants are being pushed by the White House and Congress.

Once again we at NukeFree.org are joined together to stop them.

Please join us again at this link: http://nukefree.org/nirs-tell-congress-no-36-billion-loan-guarantees-oth... to demand the Senate delete this $36 billion giveaway from the 2012 Budget and the 2011 Continuing Resolution.

Feb 14, 2011

Obama's $36 Billion Nuke-Powered Giveaway

Barack Obama's 2012 budget marks a major escalation in the nuclear war against a green-powered future, whose advocates are already fighting back.

Amidst massive budget cuts for social and environmental programs, Obama wants $36 billion in loan guarantees for a reactor industry that cannot secure sufficient private "marketplace" financing for new construction.

Jan 23, 2011

Obama & Our Disney Nukes

Barack Obama is about to address a nation whose greatest potential liability is its Disneyesque illusion of atomic power.

Despite the nation's huge debts and fears of foreign terror, America's 104 licensed reactors are the most dangerous threat to our future. After a half-century of operations, the industry still cannot get more than $11 billion in private insurance against possible accidents whose human and property damage could easily run from mere trillions to the simply incalculable.

Dec 9, 2010

An Astonishing Holiday No New Nukes Victory!!!

Welcome to the NEW Nukefree.org, & an urgent CALL TO ACTION. The Nukefree.org website has been revamped for more news and action updates, as well as for this blog.



Another Astonishing Holiday No New Nukes Victory


By Harvey Wasserman