by Karl Grossman October 24, 2007 - There's again a move to "revive" nuclear power. Every decade or so those with a vested interest in this deadly dangerous technology have sought to ... read more

Everybody Look What's Going Down

By Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation October 25, 2007 -- There's somethin' happening here, What it is ain't exactly clear. There's a man with a gun over there, tellin' me I gotta ... read more

Members, Musicians Attack Energy Bill for Nuclear 'Subsidies'

By Kelly Shaw, CongressNow Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - Flanked by rock and roll icons, House lawmakers today sought to gin up liberal opposition to the current energy bill, saying that the measure ... read more

“For What It’s Worth,” No Nukes Reunite After Thirty Years

By Daniel Kreps, Rolling StoneAfter almost three decades of near inactivity in the atomic sector, a bill has been sent to the U.S. government to loan $50 billion dollars to the nuclear power industry ... read more

No Nukes' rockers renew fight decades later

By Kathy Kiely, USA TODAYWASHINGTON — Jackson Browne says he thought his group of politically active musicians "really dealt the nuclear industry a blow" with a series of 1979 concerts ... read more

Much Ado about A Lot: Uranium Mining in Canada by Lia Tarachansky         

Nuclear reactor plan on shaky ground

October 14, 2007IT WAS, in a way, a case of taking the mountain to Muhammad - the mountain being a dormant volcano that looms over the planned site of Indonesia's first nuclear power station.Last ... read more

Scottish government rejects new nuclear

10 October 2007 ministers have rejected new nuclear power stations in their response to the UK consultation on ... read more

Nuclear Bid to Rival Coal Chilled by Flaws, Delay in Finland

By Alan KatzSept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Martin Landtman hunches forward in his shirtsleeves as a June storm on Finland's Baltic coast drenches the construction site of the world's most powerful ... read more

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