CCAMU Information Package

April 4, 2008

The Ontario government has a duty to protect its citizens and has failed in that duty. In the absence of action from the McGuinty government, The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium (CCAMU), in conjunction with a number of non-government organizations* initiated a Citizen’s Inquiry on December 13, 2007.

The Citizen’s Inquiry on the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle will be open to the public and we invite your participation. Public Hearings, before a neutral panel and chairperson, are scheduled to take place throughout April 2008 in Sharbot Lake, Kingston, Peterborough and Ottawa.

The Inquiry aims to look at the full cycle from the exploration and mining of uranium through to enrichment, power generation and weapons potential, to spent fuel rod disposal. Factual material from experts, stakeholders and those interested in uranium, as well as commentary on community, health and social justice issues and the environment are welcome.

Presentations made in person to the Inquiry can include written material, power point presentations, audio and video formats, poems, plays, skits and songs. Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes in length. Written material accompanying the presentation, or submitted separately, will be incorporated into the final document and can be viewed online at:

Preregistration (at or at the contact listed below) is required. Check the website for more information and for deadlines in regard to the venue of your choice. In addition to submissions received as a result of a presentation, we welcome written or electronic submissions of any length, which can be forwarded until May 1st to: or to the contact info below.


Some History
Several areas of eastern Ontario and western Quebec have been staked for uranium exploration in the last 2 years. Some of this is private property; some is Crown land. This has caused grave concern amongst both the aboriginal and the non-native communities. Uranium mining in these areas carries a potential for contamination of three major river systems, two of them upstream of Ottawa, as well as air-born contamination of population centres and agricultural lands.

The Ardoch and Shabot Obaadjiwaan First Nations have taken action to stop drilling on their ancestral lands north of Sharbot Lake, and have been joined by many hundreds of non-native citizens concerned about their communities.

Nine local Municipal Councils and two County Councils have passed resolutions petitioning the Ontario government for a moratorium on uranium mining in eastern Ontario. They are joined by the two First Nations communities, several not-for-profit organizations and thousands of Ontario residents who have signed petitions.

About the Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium

CCAMU is a grassroots organization that supports a moratorium on the exploration and mining of uranium in Eastern Ontario. We have branches in Ottawa, Carleton Place, Kingston and Peterborough and many thousands of people participating in events, rallies, letter writing campaigns and actions. More information about CCAMU is available at our website: .

The group was formed in response to the proposed exploration for and development of a uranium mine north of Sharbot Lake and upriver of Ottawa. The local First Nation communities have taken action to stop the drilling on their ancestral lands. We are supporting them in this and their efforts are appreciated. We are making history with our joint action.

CCAMU members are projecting their in-kind contributions to be in excess of 1,000 hours to plan, organize, promote and run the event, and deliver the report. The inquiry budget is $30,500. We are actively looking for financial support to help with these costs. Cheques, made out to “Uranium Mining Moratorium Fund” with the notation that they are to be used for the Citizen’s Inquiry can be mailed to the address below. This account is administered and audited by the Tay Legal Defence Fund

We look forward to your participation in the Inquiry. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Donna Dillman

Contact info for submissions and registrations:

2799 McDonald’s Corners Rd.
Lanark, ON
K0G 1K0

*(Green Peace, MiningWatch Canada, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, David Suzuki Foundation, Voice of Women, Sierra Club of Canada and Students Against Climate Change)