Outline of the Citizens’ Inquiry on Impact of the Uranium Cycle

Locations and Dates:

Where: The Citizens Inquiry will be held in four locations in eastern Ontario from 1-5 p.m., 6-9 p.m. daily:

Sharbot Lake: April 1st – 35 presentations rec’d, and 150 or more observers present throughout the day.
Kingston: April 8th – over 30 presentations scheduled
Peterborough: April 15th – almost 40 presentations scheduled
Ottawa: April 22nd – about 30 presentations currently scheduled

A fifth venue is scheduled for Toronto, at the U of T Hart House, on April 26th, and is being sponsored by other organizers.


Participants will provide information and views to inform the Inquiry Panel of the issues and facts pertaining to the uranium cycle.


Participants may make a presentation:

Presentations can include, but are not limited to: written; electronic; audio and video formats, poems, plays, skits, and songs. Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes in length and will be documented.

Registration to make a presentation is required.

Deadline: two weeks prior to the date of the respective Hearing:

online registration 
Phone: 613-259-9988,
fax: call first 613-259-9988,
mail: 2799 McDonald’s Corners Rd, R.R.#3 Lanark, K0G 1K0,

Registrations will be acknowledged prior to the scheduled date of the location requested and will confirm your participation during the afternoon or evening session.

Observers may attend the sessions:

They will be open to the public and the press.

Submissions by Interested Parties:

Submissions can be any length and must be received by May 1st, 2008. See contact info, above.

Written and electronic submissions will be available on line at and will be complied into a report released on June 28, 2008.

Presentations/submissions should include recommendations and a suggested path forward.

Host: A host will be selected to facilitate each inquiry session. It is anticipated that there will be a different host for each location to represent CCAMU, and/or affiliates – Ottawa Community Against Mining Uranium (OCAMU), Peterborough Community Against Mining Uranium (PCAMU).and Kingston Community Against Mining Uranium (KCAMU) The responsibilities of the host will be to introduce the chair and the panel, and to make announcements, describe procedures.

Facilitator: The role of the facilitator is to act as moderator for the inquiry. The facilitator will be responsible for setting out the rules to be followed by presenters and insuring that things run smoothly.

Panel Members: The role of panel members is to hear presentations from those appearing before the Inquiry and to do so objectively.  Panel members will have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters, for purposes of clarification, during a 30- minute period at the end of each session (one in the afternoon and another in the evening session). Panel members are encouraged to make oral and written comments that could include observations and summary of content of presentations.

Participants: are invited to share experiences, thoughts, concerns, knowledge and expertise on issues and facts related to the uranium cycle.

Scope of the Inquiry

“Getting to Know Uranium”

The following themes can be used as a guideline for presentations and submissions.

Uranium Cycle
Claim staking Exploration Mining Transportation

Processing Waste Uses- (Power Generation, Weapons, Medical)

Resource Management and the Alternatives
Economics Resource Limitation Alternative Energy Medical

Within each theme, the following subjects could be addressed:
Public and Environmental Health & Safety Social Responsibility

Economics Political Responsibility Self Determination of a Community