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How Risky is the New Era of Nuclear Power?

By Paul Davidson, USA TODAYNearly two years ago, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave the operator of the Indian Point nuclear plant a year to add backup power supplies to the plant's emergency ... read more

Two Critical (But Tentative) Green Victories Hang in the Balance

by Harvey Wasserman, CommonDreamsDec. 11, 2007 - The eyes of the world are now on the US Senate. Our oil-endangered species anxiously awaits even a tiny American step toward fighting global warming ... read more

What to Do About Indian Point?

Three Letters to the NY Times

Plan to Build Reactors Is Running Into Hurdles

By Mathew L. Wald, NY TimesPublished: December 5, 2007 WASHINGTON, Dec. 4, 2007 - For the first time in three decades, companies are getting ready to build nuclear reactors in the United States. ... read more

How Africa's Desert Sun Can Bring Europe Power

By Robin McKie, Science Editor, The Observer Dec. 2, 2007 - A £5bn solar power plan, backed by a Jordanian prince, could provide the EU with a sixth of its electricity needs - and cut carbon ... read more

Californians Not So Hot on Nuclear Power

Source: The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, California), Nov. 27, 2007 - From a November 2005 Greenpeace action"After public opinion polls found lukewarm support for new nuclear power plants in the ... read more

Will Congress make taxpayers fund terror-target nuke reactors?

By Harvey Wasserman Within a matter of days Congressional back-room deals may rubber stamp huge taxpayer loan guarantees to build dozens of what amount to pre-deployed "dirty bombs" for ... read more