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No Government Subsidies for New Nuclear Plants

By Bonnie Raitt and Harvey Wasserman, Baltimore Sun Nov. 7, 2007 - A clause in the landmark energy bill now before Congress could open the door for massive loan guarantees meant to entice investors ... read more

Banking on Green Energy

By Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz InsiderNov. 1, 2007 - Despite the mortgage lending mess, many commercial and investment banks are exploring good clean, conservative investments in the renewable energy ... read more

Committee tears into the feds

Fourth of four: By Kathy Helms, Dine BureauWINDOW ROCK – The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee plans to “hold feet to fire,” as Rep. Elijah Cummings succinctly put it, to ensure ... read more

Matheson, Udall voice concern over plight of Navajo uranium victims

Third of four: By Kathy Helms, Dine BureauWINDOW ROCK – Though the Navajo Nation takes in portions of three states and their congressional leaders seldom hesitate to champion causes when it comes ... read more

Navajo gets bipartisan commitment on addressing uranium contamination

Second of four: By Kathy Helms, Dine BureauWINDOW ROCK – Representatives of the Navajo Nation received a bipartisan commitment Tuesday from members of the House Committee on Oversight and ... read more

Congressional committee outraged over Navajo uranium legacy.

First of four:By Kathy Helms, Dine Bureau, Gallup IndependentWINDOW ROCK – A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the sound of an instrument used to detect radioactive contamination, clicking ... read more

Science Panel Urges End to Bush's Ambitious Nuclear Waste Proposal

 By H. Josef Hebert, The Associated Press October 30, 2007 , Washington - A panel of the National Academy of Sciences urged President Bush on Monday to abandon an ambitious plan to resume nuclear ... read more