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Rocky Mtn Institute: Nukes displace least carbon per dollar

FORGET NUCLEAR Rocky Mountain Institute, April 28, 2008           At the link above, RMI provides an excellent analysis of the problems with centralized power sources.      This ... read more

New Greenpeace report exposes CCS as a dangerous distraction

May 05, 2008 Greenpeace Greenpeace International has released a new report, entitled "False Hope: Why Carbon Capture and Storage Won't Save the Climate," which proves once and for ... read more

McCain Calls for 700+ New Nuclear Plants (and 7 Yucca Mountains) Costing $4 Trillion

Posted May 4, 2008 | 03:57 PM (EST) Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) made a stunning statement on the radio show of climate change denier Glenn Beck this week: ... the French are able to generate 80% of ... read more

Utility eyes ratepayers for building costs

The Florida Times-Union May 7, 2008 By Jake Armstrong,  The Times-Union


From: BusinessWeek Magazine May 1, 2008 By John Carey

A Nuclear Energy Renaissance Wouldn't Solve Our Problems, But It Would Rip Us Off

By Christian Parenti, The Nation. Posted May 6, 2008. Talk of a nuclear renaissance is a dangerous distraction from the real changes we need to make to wean ourselves off oil.  

Spain's gain from wind power is plain to see By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Oviedo, northern Spain The Telegraph (U.K.) - Wednesday 16 April 2008 Last ... read more