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Many Renewable Energy Provisions are in the 2008 Bailout Legislation

By Forrest David Milder 10/7/2008 Our series of Tax Credit Alerts describes many new tax rules that are part of the 2008 Bailout ... read more

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Revisions to Its Waste Confidence Decision

            The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is seeking public comment on proposed revisions to its waste confidence findings, in particular whether the findings should continue to ... read more

N.J. Takes the Lead in Wind Power Plans

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 BY TOM JOHNSON Star-Ledger Staff Three days after the state approved its first offshore wind farm, the Corzine administration yesterday stepped up its efforts to ... read more

ACEEE "Rates the States" on Employing Efficiency as the First Fuel

October 6, 2008 Washington, D.C. - California tops the list of U.S. states employing energy efficiency as the "first fuel" to grow their economies while meeting electricity ... read more

17 Apply for DOE Loan Guarantees, Far Exceeding Available Cash

October 2, 2008 Katherine Ling, Greenwire reporter The Energy Department announced today that it has received 19 applications from power companies seeking federal loan guarantees to build nuclear ... read more

EPA Releases 2008 Report on The Environment

EPA has released its 2008 Report on the Environment Highlights, a valuable resource citizens can use to easily understand broad trends in the condition of the air, water, and land and related changes ... read more

Russia hopes to Construct Four More Nuclear Reactors in India

Oct 04, 2008 BBC Monitoring Moscow: Russia hopes to sign a deal for construction of four more reactors at Koodankulam in Tamil Nadu before year-end, its nuclear energy chief has said.