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Greenpeace Statement on Patrick Moore

October 10, 2008 WASHINGTON - Patrick Moore often misrepresents himself in the media as an environmental ... read more

Nuclear Black Hole: New Studies Confirm Nuclear is Unsustainable

September 29, 2008 Institute of Science In Society Press Release The Nuclear Black Hole: New studies confirm that the nuclear option is inherently unsustainable as well as unsafe and uneconomic.  A ... read more

U.S., India Sign Unprecedented Nuclear Deal

October 10, 2008 The Associated Press, by Foster Klug WASHINGTON - The United States and India signed an accord Friday that allows American businesses to sell nuclear fuel, technology and reactors ... read more

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Revisions to Its Waste Confidence Decision

October 10, 2008 The Associated Press The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is seeking public comment on proposed revisions to its waste confidence findings, in particular whether the findings should ... read more

Native American Activist Winona LaDuke Talks About Wind Power

 From A clean-energy advocate and former V.P. candidate answers readers' questions.

Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains

Some Native American tribes see better financial future in wind farms.

Where Have all the Decommissioning Funds Gone?

TAKOMA PARK, MD - As Beyond Nuclear reported in its top story today (see the economic collapse raises the question about whether nuclear reactors will still have sufficient ... read more