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Nuclear Energy: Risky Business

October 21, 2008 Those who favor nuclear power should adopt a policy of tough love Reason Roundtable: Nuclear Power and Energy Independence By Jerry ... read more

Nuclear Energy May Be in Early Stages of a Revival

October 24, 2008 By MATTHEW L. WALD - The New York Times WASHINGTON - After three decades without starting a single new plant, the American nuclear power industry is getting ready to build again.

Tennessee Loophole in the Sights of Nuclear Waste Panel

October 21, 2008 By Judy Fahys McClatchy-Tribune Regional News Nuclear regulators from eight states, including Utah, meet Wednesday to look for a way to close a loophole that has allowed ... read more

Some Nuclear Energy Backers Say Uranium Alternative Could be a Magic Bullet

By Kent Garber In the midst of renewed global interest in nuclear energy, a long-overlooked nuclear fuel, thorium, is being ... read more

Exelon's $6.2 Billion Bid for NRG Would Create Largest Power Utility in U.S.

By MATTHEW L. WALD, Bloomberg News WASHINGTON - The Exelon Corporation's unsolicited bid to buy NRG Energy, a power generator based in Princeton, N.J., would create the largest power company in the ... read more

California Saves Money by Saving Energy

October 20, 2008 By Terence Chea, Associated Press Writer San Francisco (AP) - California has saved about $56 billion in electricity costs and created 1.5 million jobs over 35 years by using energy ... read more

Construction-Related Issues Pose Most Credit Risk for New U.S. Nuclear Plants, Report Says

Oct. 15, 2008 Construction risk is the overriding risk for new U.S. nuclear power plants, according to a report published today by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services, "Construction Costs ... read more