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Nuclear Power Kills; Here's How

June 24, 2007 By Russell Hoffman - Below are answers to common questions about nuclear power.

The Credit Crunch and Nuclear Power

November, 2008 Professor Steve Thomas, PSIRU, Business School, University of Greenwich DRAFT Since the decline following nuclear power's golden era of the mid-70s, there have been frequent ... read more

Nuclear Protest Reawakens In Germany

November 12, 2008 Der Spiegel A shipment of radioactive waste from German nuclear plants arrived at a storage site on Tuesday morning after being delayed by fierce protests from nuclear activists. ... read more

Environmental Devastation Caused by Reprocessing Radioactive Waste

Top Ten Talking Points on the Environmental Devastation Caused by Reprocessing High-Level Radioactive Waste For use in the public comment period on DOE's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership Draft ... read more

Demand that huge giveaways of your electric bill money be stopped immediately

Contact your Public Utility Commission (PUC) and Elected Officials:

Join Coalition Effort to Shut Down One of the Riskiest Nuclear Plants on the Great Lakes

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is considering a request from nuclear utility Ontario Power Generation to refurbish four of six old reactors at its Pickering nuclear power plant, less ... read more

For California Residents: Letter to CA Energy Commission

California Energy Commission Media and Public Communications Office 1516 Ninth Street, MS-29 Sacramento, CA 95814-5512 To the Commission: