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South Africa to Re-Examine Nuclear Plant Plan

November 13, 2008 Reuters - JOHANNESBURG South Africa's plan to build a nuclear plant to tackle its energy shortages has to be revisited in light of the economic climate and the project may be ... read more

Nuclear Power Plants Proposals Challenged by Southeast, National Groups

November 13, 2008 NEWS RELEASE - Contact: Jim Warren, 919-416-5077 Legal Action Says Westinghouse Design is Plagued by Flaws, Four Years' Delay

The US Nuclear Waste Issue - Solved

Editor's Note: disagrees with the premise of this piece, but it represents a common point of view. We encourage you to write the Christian Science Monitor with an opposing opinion. ... read more

NRC Opens Help Desk to Assist Public with Electronic Filings in Licensing Proceedings

Nov 11, 2008 NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS/ContentWorks : The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has established a telephone and e-mail help desk to assist members of the ... read more

Submarine in Worst Nuclear Leak Since 80's

November 11, 2008 By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent and Stephen Adams The most serious leak of radioactive liquid for 23 years at a Royal Navy base is under investigation after gallons of ... read more

Californians Circulate Petition Asking Gov. to Plan For End of Nukes

November 11, 2008 Governor Schwarzenegger, California can lead the nation, boost the economy and stop the production of high-level radioactive waste on our vulnerable earthquake active coast, by ... read more

Funding "iffy" for Ohio Uranium Enrichment Plant

November 8, 2008 By TERRY KINNEY, Associated Press CINCINNATI - The nation's only provider of enriched uranium for nuclear power plants ... read more