Vermont's Energy Future: It's Y(our) Choice!

March and Rally

Wednesday, April 29

Vermont Statehouse

Montpelier, VT

*A bus will be leaving from Greenfield for Montpelier the morning of 4/29.
Only $10 per person, round-trip.
Please see details below.

This is a PIVOTAL moment in the movement to close and replace the Entergy Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. We have a choice: Renewable, efficient and affordable solutions OR more nuclear waste, radiation, and the growing risk of a catastrophic accident.
* *

Before the 2009 Vermont legislative session ends (in May), we who live here in Massachusetts, downwind and down-river from the Entergy Corporation's aged, nearly obsolete, accident-plagued reactor, must join our neighbors in SW New Hampshire and throughout Vermont in telling the Vermont Legislature - this time in person! - that * we want "Vermont Yankee" shut down at the earliest possible date* rather than allowed to operate for another 20 years when its original 40-year license expires in 2012 - and, that we know that *"Vermont Yankee's" electricity CAN be replaced with a vigorous program of energy conservation and efficiency measures coupled with safe, renewable sources of power*. The technology - and the "green" jobs! - are there; it's just a matter of political will.

The Vermont Legislature is the only state legislature in the country that has given itself the authority to deny a nuclear reactor permission to continue operating after it's license expires (whether the feds re-license it or not).

Thus, a victory in closing Vermont Yankee can set a huge, inspiring precedent for citizens and legislators faced with aging reactors all over the U.S.
It's up to us to set that precedent!
So, let's tell the Vermont Legislators, with one voice, what we want our energy future to look like.

Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your colleagues. Tell everyone!

Rain or Shine!

C'mon! Get on the bus! We're gonna' have a good time !

* * *
Schedule on 4/29 :

6:30 AM: Bus leaves Home Depot parking lot (near rotary at intersection of Route 2 West and I-91) in Greenfield at 6:30 AM. Please be there 10 minutes early .

7:00 AM: Bus arrives in Brattleboro to pick up more riders.

9:30 AM: Bus arrives in Montpelier.

10:00 AM: March from City Hall to the Statehouse.

10:30 AM: Rally on Statehouse steps.

10:45 AM: 3 pm: State House Lawn: Renewable Energy Fair featuring Greenpeace's "Rolling Sunlight" Mobile Exhibit.

11:00 AM: Press Conference.

12:00 PM: "Lunch Lobby" in Statehouse.

2:00 PM: Bus departs Montpelier.

4:30 PM: Bus arrives Brattleboro.

5:00 PM: Bus arrives Greenfield.

** To reserve seats on the bus: *please mail a check for $10 per person, made out to "Safe & Green Campaign " to Chad Simmons, 124 High St., Apt. 4, Brattleboro, VT 05301

(Late-comers may pay their $10 when they board the bus if seats are still available.)

** For more information * : please call or email Chad Simmons at (802) 377-7403,

(This event is being organized by Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance, Safe and Green Campaign, Citizen's Awareness Network, and VPIRG and is being sponsored by the Safe Power Vermont Coalition.)