NRC seeks input on Crystal River renewal

Apr 08, 2009 -- NUCLEAR
> Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will hold two public meetings
> on Thursday, April 16, in Crystal River, Fla., to discuss the agency's
> environmental review of the Crystal River Unit 3 Nuclear Generating
> Plant license renewal application.
> The Crystal River plant's single pressurized-water reactor is
> located approximately seven miles northwest of Crystal River. The
> current operating license expires Dec. 3, 2016. The plant's owner,
> Florida Power Corporation, submitted the license renewal application
> Dec. 16, 2008.
> "This is the first of several opportunities for the Crystal River
> community to let us know what issues the NRC should look at while we
> review the potential environmental impacts of renewing the license,"
> said Sam Lee, deputy director in the NRC's Division of License
> Renewal. "We'll consider all the comments and publish them in a
> 'scoping summary' as we move forward with our review."
> The staff will start the first session at 2 p.m., and the second
> session at 7 p.m., at the Plantation Inn Resort, 9301 West Fort Island
> Trail in Crystal River. The staff will describe the agency's process
> for reviewing license renewal applications, followed by the
> opportunity for audience members to comment on issues they feel the
> agency should consider as the Crystal River review continues. NRC
> staff will be available for informal discussions with the public
> during "open house" sessions an hour before both meetings; formal
> comments on the renewal review will only be accepted during the
> meetings.
> The application is available on the NRC Web site at:
> crystal-river.html and a copy is also available at the Coastal Region
> Library, 8619 W. Crystal St. in Crystal River.
> Members of the public may register to present oral comments at
> this meeting by April 13 by contacting Elaine Keegan at (800)
> 368-5642, ext.
> 8517, or by email at Those who wish to make
> comments may also register at the meeting within 15 minutes of the
> start of each session. Individual oral comments may be limited by the
> time available, depending on the number of persons who register. Those
> with special needs should contact the telephone or e-mail address
> above no later than April 10.
> Members of the public may send written comments on issues to be
> considered in the Crystal River renewal environmental review by May
> 15 to:
> Chief, Rulemaking and Directives Branch, Division of Administrative
> Services, Office of Administration, Mailstop TWB 5B-01M, U.S. Nuclear
> Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001, or via e-mail to
> Additional information on the license renewal process is
> available on the NRC's Web site at: