Entergy Forced to Retract Zero Emission Claims

Mar 12 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Brattleboro Reformer, Vt.

Claiming Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant emits zero emissions is
inaccurate, stated Vermont Attorney General William H. Sorrell on

The attorney general investigated zero-emissions claims Entergy made in
advertisements in Vermont media around the state last year after the
Vermont Public Interest Research Group complained about the statement.

"Experts agree that while greenhouse gas emissions from the nuclear
generation of electricity are negligible, such emissions -- a major
cause of global warming -- do occur when uranium, the fuel used in
nuclear reactors, is mined, processed and transported," wrote Sorrell.
"Applying a life cycle analysis, nuclear power lies toward the lower end
of the emissions continuum, but well above zero."

"The ad wording was obviously unfortunate and we will strive to present
clear, fact-based comparisons in future communications," said Rob
Williams, spokesman for Yankee.

Sorrell urged all stakeholders in the discussion of global climate
change to be "clear, accurate and transparent in their statements about
carbon emissions."

"Global warming is a critical issue," he wrote in a press release
announcing its agreement with Entergy, which owns Yankee. "The public
needs good information in order to make decisions about how best to
address this environmental challenge."

Entergy, which owns and operates the power plant in Vernon, has since
acknowledged to the Attorney General that its zero emissions claims were
inaccurate and pledged not to use them again without a clear and
accurate explanation of exactly what they mean.

"All participants in the public debate on climate change policy should
ensure that factual statements about carbon emissions clearly and
truthfully specify what the emissions claims refer to," wrote Sorrell.
"I am pleased that Entergy has agreed to do so in its future