Diablo Waste Facility Clears Final Hurdle
David Sneed
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ruled Thursday that Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant can begin loading used reactor fuel into an above-ground storage facility without doing a more comprehensive analysis of the environmental effects of a terrorist attack.  Staff examined the dose potential at the nearest residence to the nuclear plant, a home 1.5 miles north of the plant on PG&E property. It concluded that the 50-year effective dose at that residence following a successful terrorist attack would be less than the dose that nuclear plant workers are allowed to experience during emergencies and "at that low-dose level there would not be any discernable health effects of any kind." ....Unlike any other dry cask facility in the nation, Diablo Canyon's casks will be bolted directly to the concrete storage pad in order to prevent them from tipping over in the event of an earthquake.