Swedish Nuclear Bunker an Efficient Home for Data Center

by Jaymi Heimbuch, San Francisco, California on 09.15.09

Last year we heard about a nuclear power plant in Hanau, Germany being converted into a green data center. It looks like structures from the cold war past are helping out data centers once again, this time in Sweden. Check out the bat-cave-like data center and how the bunker location is helping it to be extra efficient in this video.
Cooling is a significant part of the energy consumption - and therefore emissions - of data centers. Considering data centers are nearing the same carbon emissions as the airline industry, cutting consumption and emissions is a priority right now. The efficient cooling capabilities of the structure along with the region's cooler temperatures means the center can be naturally cooled for the majority of the year. Combine that with abundant natural resources for power makes this a great location for a green data center.
Via Edie