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McCain to Push Yucca Closure, Ratepayer Funds

Congress should "move on to other options" for high-level nuclear waste disposal, since the Obama administration has made it clear Yucca Mountain is no longer a viable option, McCain said ... read more

France's Nuke Utility Probed for Spying

By Harvey Wasserman Electricite de France is being investigated for alleged spying conducted against Greenpeace. Here are the links. EdF operates France's government owned fleet of nuclear power ... read more

New Report on Hypothetical Sellafield Accident

March 26, 2009 The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has just published a report on a hypothetical accident at Sellafield in England, which concludes that if only 1% of the liquid radioactive ... read more

Remembering the Three Mile Island Meltdown

By Jim Riccio, Greenpeace USA     Thirty years ago, the word "meltdown" was seared into the American consciousness when the Unit 2 reactor at the Three Mile Island nuclear ... read more

Photo Exhibit: "Chernobyl Today"...Central Pennsylvania Tomorrow?

The Campaign to Repeal the Nuclear Moratorium

By DIANE FARSETTA Wisconsin law sets two conditions that must be met before new nuclear power plants can be built in the state. One is that there must be "a federally licensed facility" for ... read more