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RadWaste and Texas' Future

May 24, 2009 by by Laray Polk How do you get people to vote for radioactive waste to be dumped in Texas in close proximity to the Ogallala and Dockum aquifers? And how do you also ... read more

French Nuclear Tourism: A YouTube Tour by Air of France's Nukes

Court input sought on nuke plant funding mechanism

The State Columbia, SC - Business May 23, 2009, By CHUCK CRUMBO Groups representing environmentalists and commercial customers are challenging the state's decision to let SCE&G build two ... read more

Wolverine - Battle at Three Mile Island

The movie has been out in the theaters long enough now that this isn't such a spoiler. Yes, for the anniversary of Three Mile Island, the producers of X-Men Origins: Wolverine picked TMI to stage ... read more

Will the Nuclear Power "Renaissance" Ever Reach Critical Mass?

Despite an abundance of plans and applications, new nuclear reactors outside of Asia are few and far between, which puts nuclear's contribution to fighting greenhouse gas emissions at risk

Is the solution to the U.S. nuclear waste problem in France?

LA HAGUE, France -- Visiting the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing facility here is a bit like stepping into the script from a 1960s Star Trek show. When visitors peer through a 40-inch-thick, ... read more