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The future of Uranium Development and Nuclear Power in Canada

By David Orchard Global Research, May 29, 2009 Public Consultation Process on the Future of Uranium in Saskatchewan Presentation to Public Consultation Process Chair, Dan Perrins, on the Future of ... read more

The NYTimes finally reports the economic disaster of new nukes

Harvey Wasserman May 29, 2009 In a devastating pair of financial reports that might be called "The Emperor Has No Pressure Vessel," the New York Times has blazed new light on the ... read more

Nuclear reactor owners rush to extend licenses

Saturday, November 29, 2008 By Don Hopey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette It took just 20 minutes at a motel in Moon this month for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to report approvingly on FirstEnergy ... read more

Delays in Finland Highlight Problems Facing Nuclear Power

May 29, 2009 By JAMES KANTER OLKILUOTO, FINLAND - The massive power plant under construction on muddy terrain here was to be the showpiece for a coming nuclear renaissance. The most powerful reactor ... read more

Citizen Power asks Nuclear Regulatory Commission to check FirstEnergy Corp.'s Beaver Valley Unit One

by John Funk / Plain Dealer Reporter Wednesday May 27, 2009, 7:59 PM Pittsburgh-based Citizen Power, a regional watchdog and public policy group, has petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to ... read more

Douglas vetoes bill calling for funding of Vermont Yankee decommissioning

By DAVE GRAM, Associated Press  

Nuclear energy relies on taxpayer subsidies

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 It's not just AIG and Wall Street jeopardizing your financial future. Taxpayers and ratepayers have long been victimized by the nuclear industry, their lobbyists, and some ... read more