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Bruce Campbell: More on Diablo

My mom and I have contributed to the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility in the past (as well as to Betty Yee)  – however I am now avoiding groups who sell out by allowing Diablo Canyon reactors ... read more

Don E.: More on Newsom's Diablo Memo

The News Story has been updated. Thanks for posting this, Harvey. I had not intended this to be a final document, but a starting point others are welcome to add to or clarify, as need be. I still ... read more

New Times Satire on Diablo Canyon

Don E.: Comments on Newsom's Diablo Memo

All- Here is my pass at addressing the major points of Gavin Newsome's letter. Don

Roger H.: A Draft Reply to G. Newsom on Diablo

Was certainly hoping that more folks might chime in on this as its pretty important... Below is a first draft.  Note that the 7 points are in bold as is the comment area for each. 

Brexit Vote Threatens Hinkley Nuke