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Indiana bill would define clean coal and nuclear energy as ‘renewable'

Posted 4:45 PM PDT on 14 Apr 2009 Updated 12:43 AM PDT on 15 Apr 2009 by Jonathan Hiskes The Indiana lawmakers are considering legislation that would define "clean coal" and ... read more

Look up in the attic for next year's tax deduction

NEW YORK (The > Associated Press) - Apr 10 - By J.W. ELPHINSTONE AP Real Estate Writer > > Before you put your 2008 tax documents up in the attic, think > about the $1,500 you ... read more

New Calif. homes would have to be energy producers

SACRAMENTO (The > Associated Press) - Apr 12 - By STEVE LAWRENCE Associated Press Writer > > If state Assemblywoman Lori Saldana has her way, buyers of > California homes built a ... read more

A Brilliant New Approach

Mar 19th 2009 | CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND From The Economist print edition Light-emitting diodes will transform the business of ... read more

Number of the Day: 20% of Total World Electricity Production

by Michael Graham Richard, Gatineau, Canada on 04. 9.09 3 types of lightbulbs. 20% -- Currently, about 20% of the ... read more

China Bets Heavily on Nuclear, Wind Power

BEIJING, Apr 08, 2009 -- > SinoCast Daily Business Beat > > China, one of the biggest power consumers worldwide, has paid > much attention to clean energy, and particularly, it has ... read more

Breezy Talk: Interior Secretary Salazar's Offshore Wind Dreams

By Keith Johnson Wall Street Journal Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is heavily touting the offshore wind-power potential of the U.S. Is he overdoing it? Salazar: Offshore wind is like 3,000 coal ... read more