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Look up in the attic for next year's tax deduction

NEW YORK (The > Associated Press) - Apr 10 - By J.W. ELPHINSTONE AP Real Estate Writer > > Before you put your 2008 tax documents up in the attic, think > about the $1,500 you ... read more

New Calif. homes would have to be energy producers

SACRAMENTO (The > Associated Press) - Apr 12 - By STEVE LAWRENCE Associated Press Writer > > If state Assemblywoman Lori Saldana has her way, buyers of > California homes built a ... read more

A Brilliant New Approach

Mar 19th 2009 | CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND From The Economist print edition Light-emitting diodes will transform the business of ... read more

Number of the Day: 20% of Total World Electricity Production

by Michael Graham Richard, Gatineau, Canada on 04. 9.09 3 types of lightbulbs. 20% -- Currently, about 20% of the ... read more

China Bets Heavily on Nuclear, Wind Power

BEIJING, Apr 08, 2009 -- > SinoCast Daily Business Beat > > China, one of the biggest power consumers worldwide, has paid > much attention to clean energy, and particularly, it has ... read more

Breezy Talk: Interior Secretary Salazar's Offshore Wind Dreams

By Keith Johnson Wall Street Journal Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is heavily touting the offshore wind-power potential of the U.S. Is he overdoing it? Salazar: Offshore wind is like 3,000 coal ... read more

Is The Energy Department Ready to Reboot the Country?

Is the Energy Department ready to reboot the country? By Robert Alvarez | 27 March 2009 The Bulletin