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Laser Doubles Efficiency of Traditional Lightbulbs

May 29, 2009 An ultra-powerful laser can turn regular incandescent light bulbs into power-sippers, say optics researchers at the University of ... read more

Overshoot and Tech Dreams

Global warming is a symptom of human overshoot: the consumption and waste that exceeds the biophysical capacity of the Earth. If we attempt to reduce the fever, but ignore the disease, we will, at ... read more

Grassoline at the Pump

Scientists are turning agricultural leftovers, wood and fast-growing grasses into a huge variety of biofuels- even jet fuel. But before these next-generation biofuels go mainstream, they have to ... read more

Berkeley says bye to biodiesel

By Doug Oakley Berkeley Voice Posted: 06/06/2009 04:24:15 PM PDT Berkeley has ended its six-year attempt to save the world by burning biodiesel in its trucks and machinery amid concerns it actually ... read more

Congress abandoning Obama clean energy goals

WASHINGTON (The Associated Press) - Jun 10 - By H. JOSEF HEBERT Associated Press  Writer Congress is all but abandoning President Barack Obama's goal of  producing fully one-quarter of the ... read more

Electric Trees

by Alan Burdick ISSUE: Summer 2009, FRONTLINES | May 28, 2009 Don't look now, but there's a giant rechargeable battery growing on your lawn. It's called a tree.

12 pc rise in investment in India's renewable energy

Jun 07, 2009 -- Asia Pulse Data Source India saw a 12 per cent rise in investment in clean renewable energy like wind, solar, biomass and small-hydro projects with USD 4.1 billion being pumped into ... read more