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The Rooftop Revolution A little-known policy is turning sleepy central Florida into a green energy hub. Could it do the same for America at large? By Mariah ... read more

Rhode Island Governor Signs Important Net Metering Legislation

Policy Watch by SI Staff on Tuesday 21 July 2009 Gov. Donald L. Carcieri, R-R.I., has signed H.5461A - net metering legislation that encourages renewable energy production by crediting ... read more

Ocean currents can power the world, say scientists

A revolutionary device that can harness energy from slow-moving rivers and ocean currents could provide enough power for the entire world, scientists claim. By Jasper Copping 29 Nov 2008 ... read more

Ohio State budget opens door to solar heat in homes

July 19, 2009 BY SPENCER HUNT THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH Homeowners who want to put solar panels on their roofs but can't afford to might soon be able to pay for them through their property-tax bills. A ... read more

Exxon to Invest Millions to Make Fuel From Algae

July 14, 2009 By JAD MOUAWAD New York Times  > The oil giant Exxon Mobil, whose chief executive once mocked > alternative energy by referring to ethanol as "moonshine," is about to ... read more

States awash in stimulus money to weatherize homes

MONTGOMERY, Ala.  (The Associated Press) - Jul 15 - By PHILLIP RAWLS Associated Press > Writer > > Ready or not, states are getting a tenfold boost in federal money > to ... read more