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Underground coal burning may become energy source

Sep 21 - > McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Joe Napsha The Pittsburgh > Tribune-Review > > Synthetic gas produced by burning coal reserves could become part > of the United ... read more

Okla leaders: Renewable energy key to state future

OKLAHOMA CITY (The > Associated Press) - Sep 21 > > While Oklahoma has abundant supplies of wind power that could > give the state an economic boost, policy makers on Monday said ... read more

No Meeting Halfway on Nuke Licensing Rules

Sep 20 - The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) > > Bowing to local pressure, the federal Nuclear Regulatory > Commission has agreed to reschedule a hearing to take public comment > ... read more

California's Appetite for Green Power Could Boost Rates Here

Sep 21 -  The Seattle Times > > California may come hunting soon for large amounts of wind power > from the Pacific Northwest, and that has many Washington utilities > worried ... read more

Breakthrough Design Cuts Cost of LED Light Bulbs by 40 Percent

Los Angeles, CA, Sep 17, 2009 -- > > LED lighting is still too expensive for the vast majority of > consumers despite the 80% energy savings that LEDs give over > ... read more

St. Louis is geothermal hot spot

> Sep 18 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - Tim Bryant St. Louis > Post-Dispatch > > St. Louis' temperate climate makes the region an ideal ground > zero -- so to speak -- for ... read more

Automakers try to energize electric-car business

FRANKFURT (The Associated Press) - Sep 15 - By MATT MOORE and GEORGE FREY AP Business > Writers > > The race is on among the world's auto companies to make electric > cars go ... read more