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Physicians for Social Responsibility: Our Energy Future Must Revolve Around the Renewables

News Digest: 11-06-09 Posted by: "Lewis Patrie" Sat Nov 7, 2009 6:11 pm (PST) Dear WNCPSR colleague,

French, UK, Finnish Regulators: Have Raised Areva EPR Issues

NOVEMBER 2, 2009 PARIS (Dow Jones)--French, Finnish and U.K. regulators Monday have all raised questions with Areva SA (CEI.FR) over the control and instrumentation system of its flagship nuclear ... read more

Power Socket Switch Would Cut 11% Off Electric Bills

Solar Breakthroughs

Enviro Close-Up, which just began airing, is a show syndicated through Free Speech TV.  The show focuses on breakthroughs in solar energy. Currently, in most areas of the U.S., including Long ... read more

Group ranks best countries for investing in renewable energy

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (The Associated Press) - Oct 26 - By Arthur Max THE ASSOCIATED PRESS@ Investors wanting to put money in climate-friendly businesses would be wise to look at Germany, ... read more