First Nations and Advanced Information Solution Leader Sign Accord to Boost Renewable Tidal Energy in B.C.


An organization working to advance First Nations' participation
in energy projects has joined with a global leader in advanced
 information solutions to sign an accord that they hope will help
unlock the vast, untapped potential of tidal energy in British
Columbia, while contributing to the improvement of the world's
changing climate.
In an agreement reached between the BC First Nations Energy and
Mining Council and MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA), the
two organizations have committed to cooperate on sustainable energy,
initially assessing the feasibility of on-grid tidal power generation.

> "We are proud of this accord. It marks an historic first between
> our organization, which works to advance First Nations' energy and
> mining interests, and a leading advanced solutions company with the
> expertise to help make that happen," said Dave Porter, the Council's
> chief executive officer. "We are also excited because it focuses on
> renewable energy, a priority for our communities."
> It is estimated that harnessing tidal power in B.C. could
> generate 4,000 additional megawatts of electricity and be a major
> boost to British Columbia's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas
> emissions. By comparison, the massive W.A.C. Bennett dam generates
> slightly more than 2,700 megawatts at peak capacity.
> David Hargreaves, a vice president within MDA's Information
> Systems group, stated that "MDA views this accord as a great
> opportunity to expand its work in the field of renewable energy, while
> assisting First Nations in creating sustainable economic development.
> MDA is working with the First Nations to develop new business
> opportunities and corresponding solutions."
> Under the accord, the Council is, among other things, committed
> to identifying and working with First Nations' communities with an
> interest in participating in on-grid tidal energy production.