China 11 Nuclear Generators Start Commercial Operation

BEIJING, Jun 05, 2009 -- SinoCast Daily Business Beat

Mainland China has put 11 nuclear power generation units into
commercial operation with a total installed capacity of 9,078.2 megawatts.

For the moment, the Mainland has formed three nuclear power bases
separately in Qinshan of Zhejiang Province, Dayawan of Guangdong Province,
and Tianwan of Jiangsu Province.

Moreover, another 24 nuclear power generation units have gained
approval for construction, and they will install 25,400 megawatts in amount.
In 2008, nuclear power plants across the country accounted for 1.3 and 2
percent of its total installed power generation capacity and electricity
generation respectively, according to the Sanmen Nuclear Power Station based
in Zhejiang.

In 2020, China's installed nuclear power generation capacity will make
up more than 5 percent of the country's total, said Zhang Guobao, head of
the National Energy Administration.

With the rapid growth of global nuclear power technology, the Chinese
government has decided to introduce the AP1000 third-generation nuclear
power technology into projects in Zhejiang and Shandong.