Breakthrough Design Cuts Cost of LED Light Bulbs by 40 Percent

Los Angeles, CA, Sep 17, 2009 --
> LED lighting is still too expensive for the vast majority of
> consumers despite the 80% energy savings that LEDs give over
> traditional incandescent lighting. The LED light bulbs that are
> currently available use similar designs with expensive and heavy metal
> heatsinks to stay cool that keep the costs of LED bulbs impractical.
> These types of bulbs generally don't don't pay for themselves until
> after 3-4 years of typical usage.
> Eternaleds Inc.
> ( has introduced the world's first LED flood
> lights, the Quanta-9 and Quanta-18, to use a new manufacturing design
> process that reduces build costs by 40% and allow the bulbs to pay for
> themselves in less than 2 years at 8 hours usage a day. The Eternaleds
> Quanta-9 uses 9W to provide the light equivalent of 50W incandescent
> floodlights while the Quanta-18 uses 18W to provide the light
> equivalent of 100W incandescent floodlights. Both have a rated
> lifetime of 35,000 hours.
> "The price of LEDs themselves is dropping steadily but not quick
> enough. We found the next area to innovate was the use of material and
> design of the bulb" explains Jeff Chan, Founder of Los Angeles-based
> Eternaleds, Inc. "Our new design increases surface area and air flow
> while using about 40% less metal than competing products. By purposely
> using mostly plastic, our bulbs perform better, stay cooler and are
> priced low enough to pay for themselves in less than 2 years with
> typical usage."
> Light Emitting Diodes, or LED screw-in light bulb replacements
> are starting to get more exposure however many people still don't
> understand the best places to use them yet. The light they emit is
> mostly directional, which makes flood and spot lights a prime
> candidate for replacement with LED. The Eternaleds Quanta series LED
> light bulbs have the following
> features: Affordably Priced - The current retail price for LED flood
> lights that replace 50W and 100W incandescent flood lights are $90 and
> $140. The
> Quanta-9 and Quanta-18 are 30-40% less expensive at $54.99 and $99.99
> respectively. 2 year Return On Investment With Typical Usage -The
> Quanta-9
> and Quanta-18 pay for themselves in 2 years at 8 hours usage a day,
> 1.5
> years at 12 hours a day and 8 months at 24 hours usage a day. All
> figures are based on electricity cost of $0.14/kWh. Long Lasting - The
> Quanta Series bulbs are rated at 35,000 hours or 12x longer than
> incandescent flood lights. At 8 hours usage a day, they will last 12
> years. The Eternaleds
> Quanta-9 and Quanta-18 come in two colors, Warm White and Daylight
> White.
> They can be ordered directly from at a list price of
> $54.99
> and $99.99 respectively. Every purchase comes with a two-year warranty
> and 30-day money-back guarantee.
> Eternaleds, Inc., located in Los Angeles, was founded in 2006,
> with the goal of helping home and business owners become greener and
> cut their lighting costs through the use of LED lighting. They are
> specialists in the area of LED technology, and offer a variety of LED
> bulbs to meet all needs, including LED Floodlights, LED Globes, LED
> Spotlights, and LED Under- Cabinet Lighting. They also offer
> comprehensive energy evaluations, project specification and lighting
> design advice on lighting retro-fit projects. To learn more about
> Eternaleds, Inc., visit the Web site at