Number of the Day: 20% of Total World Electricity Production

by Michael Graham Richard, Gatineau, Canada on 04. 9.09

3 types of lightbulbs.
20% -- Currently, about 20% of the world's electricity is used for lighting.
75% -- About 1/4 of that is for residential uses, and the rest is for commercial/industrial/governmental buildings.
5% -- A typical incandescent bulb converts only about 5% of the electricity it uses into light, and it needs to be replaced approximately every 1,000 hours.

3 types of lightbulbs.
80% -- LEDs promise energy savings over traditional bulbs of about 80% (vs 75% for CFLs, but they have other downsides), and they only need to be replaced every 45,000 hours on average.
10x -- A new technique used to make LEDs using silicon instead of sapphire-based wafers could reduce production costs by about 10 times.
130 U.S. Power Plants -- According to the US Department of Energy, the amount of electricity used for lighting could be cut by half by 2025. This would cut the need for 130 new power plants just in the US, and countless others worldwide.
Source: The Economist