Bruce Campbell: More on Diablo

My mom and I have contributed to the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility in the past (as well as to Betty Yee)  – however I am now avoiding groups who sell out by allowing Diablo Canyon reactors to operate for additional years by no longer caring that PG&E is the only operator of a power facility along the coast which is permitted to intake 2.2 billion gallons of water and to discharge such thermally-polluted water to the nearby Pacific.


And please check out Paul Frey’s e-mail about stress building up in the San Andreas and Hosgri – San Gregorio – San Simeon Fault systems including in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

This being said, A4NR has a website with a link to the full agreement.  The website is at: , while the link to the agreement is at  Read the signed agreement:


It mentions the individuals who were able to speak for the so-called enviro/anti-nuke groups who signed on the dotted line.  I wonder how many of these groups expect a fundraising bonanza from their disturbing activities(?)


Let’s give to fine groups like the Mothers for Peace, NIRS, EON, CBG, Green Action, Beyond Nuclear, and (if focused on sanity related to radwaste storage) San Onofre     And that new coalition working on radwaste especially in coastal southern California is an exciting new development – which includes San Clemente Green, SoS, etc.


Peace,  Bruce